June 2015

With the IraSME Partnering Event, several success stories and other network partners, the AiF Projekt GmbH creates a new „International Area“ for the Innovation Day 2015. New bilateral cooperations with Catalonia and France are highlighted at the event. Connected to the exhibition, special guided tours for embassy members are offered in order to explain the cooperation opportunities in ZIM and the transnational activities.

August 2014

EraSME is renamed IraSME (International research activities by SME), a network of ministries and funding agencies which manage programmes to support transnational cooperative research projects between small and medium-sized enterprises. AiF Projekt GmbH continues coordinating the network.

January 2011

After the EU stopped funding the ERA-Net Initiative, AiF Projekt GmbH assumes the coordination of the EraSME network (now IraSME).

12 May 2010

Start of a series of bilateral calls for transnational R&D project

The first German-Israeli call for proposals was followed by additional bilateral agreements with Israel, Finland, Canada (Alberta), the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam. In Germany, the cooperation projects are funded through ZIM (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs) and overseen by AiF Projekt GmbH.

19 January 1996

First steps in creating a network of coordination offices which help initiate and accompany transnational R&D collaborations

The AiF branch office in Berlin sets up contact points in Central and Eastern European countries.

What later became known as the Network of International Cooperation in Technology (intec.net) was comprised of 17 coordination offices in 15 Central and Eastern European countries, India, and China. The network oversaw about 150 R&D cooperation projects between German and foreign SMEs and research institutions every year.

Since 1996, intec.net has organised 175 cooperation events with more than 18,000 participants. About 1,500 professionally set up cooperation talks were organised at networking events.

In Germany, the coordination offices presented their services at annual fora for international technology collaborations, at INTEC events, and at Innovation Days in Berlin.

Since 2001, the contact points have compiled more than 300 reports on the topic of innovation processes in their host countries.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi) provided funding for intec.net until the end of 2008.

1 February 1995

Launch of AiF’s international networking service for transnational R&D collaborations.


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